Call for projects - Research

Winners February 2020

Good In Tech Chair

2020 program

List of laureates

The Good in Tech Chair is pleased to present the winners of the call for research projects of the wave of February 2020.The next selection of projects, as specified in the Call for Projects, will take place at the end of September. Here is the list of winners:

1. Said Assar (IMT-BS), Christine Balagué (IMT-BS), Lorea Baiada-Hirèche (IMT-BS): Ethical Information System based on Artificial Intelligence
2. Grazia Cecere (IMT-BS) and Vincent Lefrere (IMT-BS): Good privacy

3. Stephan Clemençon (Telecom Paris), Dr P. Laforgue (Telecom Paris), Dr R. Vogel (Telecom Paris): Machine Learning in the presence of selection bias, Theory and Algorithms
4. Kevin Mellet (Sciences Po): Marketing and collection of personal data under the GDPR: compliance practices of companies in the field of relationship marketing
5. Nesma Houmani (Telecom Sud Paris) and Christine Balagué (IMT-BS): eXplainable Artificial Intelligence systems for Health
6. Christine Balagué (IMT-BS) and EL Mehdi Roch: Fairness in recruitment algorithms
7. Jean-Marie John-Mathews (IMT-BS) and Maxime Crepel (Sciences Po):AI ethics arbitration interface
8. Fabrice Flipo (IMT-BS) and Cyprien Tasset: Frictions and transitions between conceptions of sustainable development among digital professionals
9. Maxime Crepel (Sciences Po) and Jean-Marie John-Mathews (IMT-BS): Analysis of textual data on corpora dealing with ethics and disorders related to AI and algorithms
10. Zeling Zhong (IMT-BS) and Christine Balagué (IMT-BS): Appropriation of algorithmic systems