Research axes

Axis 1: Data, algorithms, and society

This axis focuses on the challenges of data and algorithms in relation to society, on three themes:
- Trustworthy artificial intelligence
- Disinformation and content moderation
- Regulation of platforms


Axis 2: Corporate Digital Responsibility

This axis focuses on corporate digital responsibility:
What are the measurement indicators?
What governance?

This axis also covers digital innovation in relation to the 17 sustainable development goals.

Axis 1: Data, algorithms, and society

The work carried out in this axis focuses on three themes:

1. Trustworthy artificial intelligence: explainability and interpretability of algorithms, guarantee of non-discrimination, limits of data bias, ethics of artificial intelligence

2. Disinformation and content moderation: study of disinformation mechanisms, role of algorithms, content moderation policies.

3. Platform regulation: study of the DSA (Digital Services Act) and the DMA (Digital Market Acts).