Conference : the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence in Human resources

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Christine Balague and Clothilde Legros


Several speakers were able to express their perception of employee management and recruitment tools based on artificial intelligence.

Pamela LIRIO, associate professor at the University of Montreal was the first speaker. She presented her research work about the use of algorithms and Artificial intelligence for management practice.

Several key takeaways emerged from her presentation:

  • Tools based on artificial intelligence in human resources create stress and anxiety, a decrease in trust towards the employer, and a feeling of dehumanisation for employees.
  • It is not clearly established that these tools increase work’s productivity and service quality.  
  • To mitigate these negative effects, more transparency and human presence in management could be useful.

Christine Balagué, founder of the Good in Tech research network also made a presentation to talk about the advantages and the risks or Artificial Intelligence in the Human resources field and to address the question of Trusted Artificial Intelligence.
She particularly focused on recruitment with AI-based tools, presenting research aimed at better understanding current practices and proposing a conceptual framework for developing recommendations for AI development projects.

Several key takeaways emerged from her presentation:
  • The use of recruitment tools based on artificial intelligence presents a risk of reproducing systemic discrimination by valuing associated physical qualities or attitudes.
  • Trusted AI would not be based on algorithms on historical data to avoid reproducing discrimination, it would also exclude certain criteria from the decision base (age, sex, etc.), and it would be insensitive to aesthetics.

The use of artificial intelligence in human resources is a very new and rapidly evolving subject. Good in tech and CGI will be holding further events to address this topic.

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