Is 5G a responsible digital innovation?

Victor Romain, étudiant M1 Sciences Po EMI, coordination par Christine Balagué, Professeur, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, Titulaire Chaire Good in Tech


The first week of April 2020 was marked by a surprising phenomenon: many antennas broadcasting 5G were burnt down in the United Kingdom, with 5G being considered by some individuals to be correlated with the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Tom Phillips, journalist at the Guardian and head of news fact-checking, reported on the diversity of fake news associated with the deployment of 5G across the Channel: “Some theories claim that 5G worsens Covid-19, others that the symptoms of the coronavirus are caused by 5G, and still others bluntly say that the epidemic was invented to hide the installation of 5G [1] ”. Although these conspiracy theories have been refuted by scientists, the spread of such fake news proves that the novelty of 5G is raising concerns and many questions, as well as a lack of knowledge about how it works.

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